Saturday, January 23, 2016

What is Drawing?

A mapping out
 A fleshing out
  A flushing out
    An indulgence
     An addiction/obsession
      An escape from boredom
       A confession
        An encounter
          An evocation
           An encapsulation
            A prying or teasing open
              A prayer
               A form of worship (the divine, the beautiful etc.)
                A meditation

A conversation
A dialogue with the past, present and future
A dialogue between the internal and the external
A dialogue between the seen and unseen
A dialogue between the know and unknown

                A concept/mental image/ creative idea visualized
             A physical act documented/ a record
           A pattern of marks arranged with purpose and intention
         An ordering/ reordering of form and space
       A configuring/reconfiguring
      A revising/redefining
      A constitution/ a reconstitution
        A conjuring/ excavating/ exposing

              A visual poem
             An event
           A story
        A journey through time and space
      A discovery made
    A truth found
  A portal

A door
  An unlocked door
    A door kicked open
      A doorway to access and process thought/feeling
       A possibility

Visual communication/ a visual language
A graphic representation
An illustration
A diagram
A transcription
An abstraction

                  A political statement / an act of rebellion
                    A visual statement/ a proposition
                      A form of inquiry/investigation/ study
                        A laboratory for experimentation

The way/ a way
A way of seeing
A way of thinking
A way of being
A way of being present
A way of being projected through marks on a flat surface
A way to generate, develop and sort out ideas visually
A way to play with line
A way to define and solve problems
A way to run away
A way to leave ones mark
Evidence of ones existence:
(I draw therefore I am)

Cooper 1/23/16

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