Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Studio update

This painting like most of my paintings go through many revisions. My painting are discovered  during the making process, so that the end is always a surprise to me where I end up.  I getting the feeling this painting is getting close to resolution.

This is a new painting I have just begun. It is based on the drawing below. I am experimenting with a more aggressively painterly approach.  I am trying to emphasize the materiality of paint and its application, the presence of surface  and greater abstract tension between image and pictorial elements.

A small drawing in pencil.

Yes I have changed this one again, now it has turned into a night painting.

I thought the painting was finished, but then I decided to change it. So the journey continues. Change one thing, then every thing else has to adjust. The previous state is below.

I like how it was, but I had to change it nevertheless, sometime I guess you have to be willing to make a bad painting to discover something new and unforeseen.

This one is near completion.

This one is almost done, I am sure of it.