Thursday, April 7, 2011

Studio Update

Early state

Current state 

I have not worked on this one for a couple of months. I am still very far from finishing it. I do not want to detail and render the imagery. I want the painting to be open, understated, and sketchy. I am trying to keep the emphasis on surface, and materiality of paint and mark. My intention is for the viewer not only to see the imagery and the suggestion of space and form, but also to see the painted object and its construction.

The imagery is an unfolding narrative revolving around recent events in my life. The three heads in red are suppose to be me (the red coloring is not so harsh, there are subtle details of layered marks that are not coming through in the photograph). Time is becoming an important concern for me, in how the work evolves over time, and in what is going on in the image. The three heads in the foreground represents shifting emotions. 

Since this painting is still evolving, the full narrative and iconography is not altogether clear yet to me. I am always open to follow the work where it wants to lead. For me my paintings become a slow, and sometimes agonizing evocation of deep and submerge feelings and memories that bubble up and influence the process in unpredictable ways.