Sunday, January 24, 2016

Important Writings/Journals Created By Three Well Known Visual Artists

The Journal of Eugene Delacroix

One of the great documents of art history and literature where this seminal artist who was so important to the French Impressionist talks about a broad range of topics: his paintings, his life, the paintings and sculpture of other artists; new literature and the music of his day. Baudelaire called Delacroix "the last of the renaissance painters and the first modern."

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The Diaries of Paul Klee

The Bauhaus master, so important to early European modernism, and contemporary art education, he records the events of his inner and outer life from age nineteen to forty. He talks about a broad range of personal experiences as well as many of his essential ideas about his own artistic technique and creative process.
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The Painter's Mind
A Study of the Relations of Structure and Space in Painting 
by Romare Bearden and Carl Holte with introduction by Ralph Ellison

The Great American collages Romare Bearden and Author Carl Holte write about the relations of structure and space in painting by examining old master compositions and the application of the principles they deduced. 

Bearden is described as a late modernist artist; Hilton Kramer wrote about Bearden that he used forms that "derive originally African Art, then past into modern art by way of Cubism and are now being employed to evoke a mode of African experience." This is technically not a journal or diary, but Bearden talks about observations and ideas derived from his life long investigation of great works of art that have direct bearing on his own work.

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